Concept Edit

After watching the film "The Big Short" I became interested in creating a character that reflect some of the grey morality of those that profited off of the 2008 Housing Crash. Considering it would be someone that made a lot of money off of it, it seemed natural for the character to be a Ventrue, and considering the date, a neonate at that.

Backstory Edit

  • Made his fortune during the housing bubble in '08 by bidding against the housing bonds, an idea few people thought would make money.
  • He knew they were going to crash through a combination of financial market analysis and actual legwork to the places featured in these bonds. Involving a lot of interviews. (Primary Mental/Social, several points finance)
  • Saw himself as a sort of crusader at first, being the person who reaps the benefits off of the bankers' ignorance and arrogance. When the crash arrived however, and the american economy was in shambles, he saw himself for what he really was: a leach. A man who had righted no wrongs but instead made a tidy profit off of evil and corruption. He was the Venetian merchant, financing the crusades. (Main reason for background: Resources)
  • His actions in the market had attracted the attention of a Ventrue Ancilla, who had gained his wealth and position in a similar way, but back in the time of the Great Depression. Seeing the potential to his (largely Financially focused) Bloodline of one so astute in modern economics, he embraced him. (Reason why he is vampire and possible Background: Mentor)

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