This guy was one of my first Vampire concepts, and basically arose when reading the VtM 20th Anniv Manual. Considering that the Nostferatu tend to Embrace either the wretched out of camaraderie or the beautiful out of spite, it's it feasible for a Nostferatu to grow to become obsessed with the physicality of beauty? Especially how fragile and delicate it can be?

So, I quickly started to imagine a character that was almost two-faced. On the one hand, he pitied those poor unfortunates in life, the "cripples, dwarfs, and broken things," but on the other, he secretly hunts out and destroys the particularly beautiful and lucky. He wouldn't do this out of spite, but out of fascination and an unhealthy (for him and others) yearning to understand "how beauty" works. Perhaps that's why he sympathies with the hideous, perhaps he understands that the beauty others detest them for lacking could be taken away so very easily...

Basic DetailsEdit

Name: Lecter (probably a nick-name given due to his creepy but reflective nature)

Clan: Nosferatu Antitribu (Could be a fact, perhaps he should be! Antitribu because his stabby ways don't fit so well in the Camarilla)

Nature: Sadist (Because this causing pain gives him pleasure and purpose...even if the pain is "incidental")

Demeanor: Scientist (He always acts like he's unraveling some mystery. Maybe he is.)

Concept: Artistic Serial Killer (Call it like it is, he kills people in a series to appease himself.


Physical (Primary)Edit

In life, Lecter was naturally rather fit, and he enjoyed maintaining that through various regimes. It lead to him being usually more in shape, and thus admirable, than everyone else in the room. A bit of megalomaniac by nature, he reveled in the attention this gave him and the dominance he could assert over others. After the Embrace, his body kept on developing, and his "nightly activities" was sure to keep it in shape. Thus his primary attributes are Physical.

Strength: 3 dots. A subscription to the gym kept him lifting weights.

Dexterity: 4 dots. A naturally lean and elegant body in his life gave way to a thin but powerful one in his unlife.

Stamina: 3 dots. A combination of his fitness and drive to be the best, he never feared nor backed down to pain.

Social (Tertiary)Edit

While his statue allowed him to impose on others, in reality, he was always a bit of a weirdo and a boisterous prick. Used to getting others to do what he wants taught him to play others emotions like violins and his confident, if arrogant, nature allowed others to more readily sympathize with him. While very attractive before, the Embrace warped and ruined all his features, now the monster on the outside reflects the monster within.

Charisma: 2 dots. His times of pity and compassion after his embrace allow other Vampires to dislike him a little less.

Manipulation: 4 dots. His ability to coerce, threaten, bribe and convince others allowed him to fit right in with a lot of Vampires, and it's a skill he doesn't take lightly.

Appearance: 0 dots. The Embrace has turned him hideous. And perhaps was the catalyst to his obsession.

Mental (Secondary)Edit

A middle-class and intelligent man in his life has become a clever and knowledgeable vampire in his unlife. Even know, his inquisitive and enigmatic mind is always at 110%, puzzling over some such thing he has seen or hear and all the possible implication of such a juicy morsel. Apt at looking at things critically gives him great insight, and the double life he leads means he often has to think fast lest he be ratted out.

Perception: 3 dots. Those intense, misshapen eyes are always watching something, or staring into the void as they see beyond the surface.

Intelligence: 3 dots. A mechanical brain is the best to log rumors or sort through ideas, and his mind is a well-oiled machine.

Wits: 3 dots. A fast-thinker and a double-thinker, his ability to sniff out a lie almost matches his ability to tell one.


These are what I had as a draft for some of his abilities. Some of them don't quite fit his psychopathic nature really, as these were carry-overs from the original Camarilla Character I wanted to create. I'm thinking that Knowledges might swap places with Skills as Secondary Abilities, to reflect his upbringing better.

Talents (Primary)Edit

Alertness: 3 dots. A lifetime of scrutinizing his peers and searching for weaknesses lead him to a great observation of his surroundings.

Athletics: 1 dot. An active childhood, and then adulthood.

Brawl: 1 dot. His obnoxious ways in life made him a couple of enemies.

Empathy: 3 dots. While not the "warm" Empathy, he excels at mimicking the emotions of others and at reading them to seem...normal?

Streetwise: 2 dots. ???

Subterfuge: 3 dots. Just as he is good at reading others, he's also good at making sure no one else can read him.

Skills (Secondary)Edit

Etiquette: 2 dots. He knows the ins and outs of a few ranks of society. he read a few books to get close to the "elegant" crowd.

Larceny: 1 dot. ???

Melee: 3 dots. Uncannily skilled with a knife

Stealth: 3 dots. Well, he's never been caught yet.

Knowledges (Tertiary)Edit

Academics: 1 dot. A college drop-out, but it wasn't because of his grades.

Computer: 1 dot. Time was spent stalking others on Facebook.

Occult: 1 dot. His research into beauty and condition as a vampire led him to some strange places.

Politics: 2 dots. He's good at lying, good at reading people, good at scheming.

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