A City of Witches, a Town of Mystery Edit

The fictional town of Arkham, situated some 45 minutes away from the Boston and 15 minutes away from Salem, is a cornerstone of Lovecraft's work. As it is described by him, writing in the 1920's, it is an old town, shrouded in mystery and superstition.

A Setting for Vampire? Edit

Arkham seems a decent location to set a Vampire chronicle. It's setting is already dark and mysterious like most vampire settings.

Elements of the Setting Edit

  • Superstitions, both on the sides of the Vampires (with Gehenna) and the mortals (Witch-hunters and Churches)
  • Very Old: Established Vampires and established Giovanni domain
  • Influence from Boston: Not entirely autonomous region, having to answer to the big guys on the block.
  • Conspiracies that date back decades (1930's children disappearances)
  • The supernatural: Many Werewolves in the country-side, ghosts in the Sanitorium, etc.

A Brief History Edit

In 1692 a series of horrific trials began in the nearby town of Salem, seeking to find and destroy "demon-worshipers" and "witches" in an effort to purify the town of a corrupting presence. The mortals that lived there had long been unknowingly living under the rule of a Sabbat cult that ran the town. Careless and violent, the Sabbat ended up breaking the Masquerade, resulting in the final death of many of their kind as they were sought out and tried as witches. after a few months of panic and chaos, the rest fled to the banks of a nearby river named the Miskatonic, and, along with ghouls and retainers, began founding a new town, Arkham.

But the ghosts of the many that had been murdered in Salem, both as collateral in the witch trials and those that had been killed in cold blood before, were growing more and more restless. Once the Sabbat had set up their new town, and began their cycle of murder and dominance by brute force again, the spirits numbers grew and grew. A curse of haunting fell into the misty valley where Arkham lay, driving many of the Sabbat mad with frustration and grief, causing the crucial hierarchy of Kindred cities to crumble in Arkham.

In a last, desperate bid to rid the town of its spirits, the Sabbat Archbishop of Arkham, bought the services of a Giovanni Elder, Andreas Giovanni, who had come to the New World on "family business". (In reality he was hunting down a group of Cappedocians that had apparently escaped Europe with an important artefacts of the near-extinct clan. He was unable to track them down.)

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